Works in Suspension


Of Systems For Works In Suspension

SecuRail Pro for abseiling works

SafeAccess Rail for suspended work

SafeAccess C Rail for suspended work

SafeAccess Climbing Rail for suspended works

RopeClimber Lifting Equipment

Davit arms for suspended equipment

SecuRail Pro

for abseiling works – light-weight solution for rope access

The SecuRail Pro is a rigid and versatile suspension rail. A light-weight solution that keeps the aesthetic of the building. Users are connected to the rail by means of one suspension and one secondary trolley, 2 Trolleys per user. The trolleys roll along the rail. All the components of the system are manufactured from stainless steel and anodized aluminium, which have a great resistance to the atmospheric conditions.

SafeAccess C Rail

for suspended work – Invisible access solution

The SafeAccess C is a discreet height access system that is concealed in a technical ceiling or a soffit. The rail integrates harmoniously the aesthetics of the building. The track can be curved and powder coated in any RAL colour. Custom-made brackets enable to align the rail and the ceiling. The trolleys roll in the inner channel of the rail. 

Manually, motorized or battery operated trolleys are used for horizontal movements. Compatible with rope access technicians, the RopeClimber and suspended platforms.


lifting equipment – easy access in height for everyone

The RopeClimber is an autonomous hoist for the lifting of one or two persons. The machine moves up by a lifting rope and it is secured by a safety rope with ASAP fall arrester. The RopeClimber is a battery powered modular design, availble in different configurations: a Stand chair, a Bosun Chair, as a BackPack or on a cradle. 

Combinable with roof anchor points, SafeAccess suspension rail, davit and tripods with rope winch forming a confined space rescue equipment. The machine can also be suspended from temporary roof anchor points. Safety features: fall arrest device on the secondary rope, overload and top limit switch.

Davit Arms

for suspended equipment

Removable davit designed to suspend a worker to carry out maintenance or cleaning work on a facade. The davit can be used by a rope access specialist, by a RopeClimber chair or by a single RopeClimber cradle. The davit is fixed to the roof with sockets installed permanently on the perimeter of the building. At the end of the work, the davit is dismantled and stored.