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SecuRope QuickSet cable vertical lifeline system

The SecuRope QuickSet is designed for wind turbines, pylones, masts or existing ladders fixed on buildings. This flexible lifeline is made of stainless steel components. The glider is openable and can be inserted or removed at any point of the cable. The glider follows the end user smoothly while moving up and down. It locks instantly in case of a fall. If requested, SecuRope Vertical systems can be tailor-made as roof access solutions by Fallprotec's engineering department.

SecuRail Pro Vertical lifeline system

The SecuRail Pro Vertical fall arrest is a rigid lifeline to secure access to any structure or roof. Clamped on an existing roof access ladder, this rail system secures the end user much better than the regular safety hoops. When equipped with foldable rungs, the SecuRail Vertical is a discreet system for architectural or residential buildings.

When the SecuRail ladder is not in use, the rungs are folded on the rail to minimize the visual impact. The MastLadder is a special design with integrated rungs. Entirery composed of high grade aluminium it is for pylons, confined spaces and industrial halls. Undeformable stainless steel brackets connect the ladders to the structure.

secuRail Pro

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