Standing seam metal roofs and photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are a perfect match for longevity and sustainability. Here’s why:

  • Built to Last: Both metal roofs and solar panels offer impressive lifespans, ensuring your investment lasts for decades.
  • Seamless Integration: S-5!’s  Innovative technology allows secure attachment of solar panels without roof penetrations, maintaining your roof’s longevity
  • Sustainable Choice: This combination promotes eco-friendly practices by generating clean solar energy while maximizing the lifespan of your existing roof

S-5!® PVKIT® 2.0

The all-new PVKIT streamlines the process of installing solar panels on your standing seam metal roof. This innovative kit boasts significantly lower installation time and cost compared to traditional methods. Pre-assembled with your choice of MidGrab or EdgeGrab, the PVKIT ensures a quick and efficient flush-mount installation for your solar panels.

S-5! PV Kit midgrab, solar, non-penetrating system, roof
SolarCleano Robotic Solar Panels Cleaning


Introducing the future of solar panel cleaning: a revolutionary robot born from cutting-edge technology and years of real-world experience.