S-5! Mounted SnowFence

Snow Fences are designed to manage snow migration on standing seam metal roofing. Their clean lines and high-tech appearance make these snow guards the favorite choice of architects and roof designers

IMG 1554 RED2Why S-5! Mounted SnowFence?

Architects and roof designers agree: The clean lines and high-tech look of this SnowFence system present an attractive solution to snow retention problems! They function without cluttering the lines of the roof. With up to six times the strength of adhesively-mounted devices, and without the high labor costs and inconsistencies of soldered snow guards, LM Curbs, an S-5!® Master Distributor offers the perfect, long term, dependable solution for traditional standing seam and sheet copper roofing. The SnowFence systems are mechanically attached with non-penetrating aluminum clamps utilizing round-point setscrews designed not to “pin” or “fix” the roof panels to the building, leaving thermal movement unrestricted. The clamps are precision-machined from aircraft quality materials not cast or plastic. All related hardware is non-ferrous, compatible stainless steel or brass for lasting performance.

Versatility in Rod Snow Retention

S-5! Mounted SnowFence can be purchased as a one or two-rod system, using mini or standard non-penetrating clamps, depending on project specifics including pitch and snow load.

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We provide optional powder coating to closely match your color theme.

LimitationsATB Color Chart

Any loads imposed upon the clamps will be transferred to the roof panels to which they are attached. Roof panels must be adequately fastened to building structure to resist these loads.  For critical installations, contact the roof panel manufacturer for specific test data of ultimate tensile load on specific panel materials and seam types.  When relying upon testing load values, setscrew tensions should be verified and factors of safety should be used as appropriate. Always install systems in strict accordance with manufacturer’s published installation instructions.

Free 25-Year Limited Warranty:
All S-5! products and components are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship.
Maintenance is not normally required for ATB | S-5! Products.
Under extreme conditions, periodic inspection is advised and minor adjustments may be necessary. If cleaning is desired, systems can be washed with mild soap and water with a clean potable water rinse. 

Any clarifications?... don't hesitate to contact your ATB | S-5! Representative at: atbest.ca | s-5.ca