ALL...THE BEST Inc.  Engineered Roof Walk | Fall Protection Systems are seam supported and mount with our S-5! clamps.  In addition to providing immediate and significant OSHA Principled Site Safety Improvements our latest generation system (2016) mounts in 1/2 the time of our first generation (2012) system and can have either Safety Yellow Guardrail (for Industrial Sites) or Color Match to roof or wall panels for Non-Industrial Commercial Projects.

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The Importance of Roof Walk Systems: A safe, anti-skid surface for access on metal roofs.

Roof Walk Platforms
Roof walk systems are a highly overlooked rooftop product that needs to be discussed more frequently during project planning. Educating the building owner of a product that can prevent damage to their metal roof investment is in the interest of all involved parties. The architect/specifier can include roof walks on the initial bid documents/drawings, the metal roof panel/building company can recommend roof walks under their warranty packages, or the roofing contractor can quote roof walks as an add during the bid process. Design-build projects have a greater potential of having a roof walk system included on the project since the contractor and the building owner already have a close working relationship, and the benefits can be explained directly.
Anyone who requires roof access to perform periodic maintenance on rooftop-mounted air conditioning units, exhaust fans or any other equipment (satellite dishes, vents, chimneys, etc.) can safely walk on the anti-skid walkway system without fear of accidentally compromising or damaging standing seams or panel ribs.
Personnel also have a level of comfort knowing that they are walking on a solid and stable surface, and are able to maintain a sure footing in lieu of walking on a slippery roof due to inclement weather or even the morning dew early in the mornings. Walkway systems can have a pre-determined layout that guides workers on a path (perpendicular or parallel to the roof seams) on the building that should keep them away from the edge of the building.
However, if the walkway is required to be located near the roof's edge, the addition of a handrail will assist in OSHA regulations. Handrails can be installed to either the down slope side, or to both sides of the walkways and not just at the roof's edge.
Walkways can be leveled on steeper roof slopes. However, this will result in an unsafe condition with an elevated walkway that the addition of handrail will be required to the down slope side. Additionally, platforms around access ladders, roof hatches and rooftop products are helpful in safely staging tools or equipment that need to be brought onto the roof.
ALL...THE BEST Inc. Roof Walk System is the premium Roof Walk Product in North America and the only one utilzing steel plank (engineered to span 6.5') with SS 4 Bolt Guardrail Base Supports.

Advantages:FIFA RoofWalk Hatch Entrance

  • In addition to providing a SAFE / Non-Slip Work Environment for regular     maintenance and / or repairs of RTU’s, the Roof Walk will also eliminate future leak concerns via seam supported protection of the ROOF & CURB areas.
  • Hundreds of independent laboratory tests have been performed on S-5! attachment clamps across all major roof profiles and manufacturers.
  • No other attachment solution is as lab tested, time tested or durable, with documented strength measured in tons.
  • ALL...THE BEST Inc. Roof Walk Systems enhance the sleek aesthetics of metal roofs and the design is complemented with either one or two-sided Guard Rail Systems.
  • ALL...THE BEST Inc. Roof Walk Systems do not penetrate the standing seam metal roof panel nor void the roof manufacturer’s warranty.  

The systems utilize round-point setscrews to securely grip the metal roof panel seam without penetrating the weathering membranes. The round-point setscrews mechanically attach to the roof by tightening the setscrews with an industrial-grade screw gun to “dimple” the seam material into a mechanical interlock with the clamp.

Environmental Considerations
Where possible, ATB | S-5! products include a high percentage of recycled material, which lowers the environmental footprint. Additionally, ATB | S-5! products offer service lives equal to the roof life, and are 100% recyclable at the end of their extended service life, which can reduce the solid waste stream.
Detailed Installation Instructions can be obtained from your ALL...THE BEST Inc. Representative.  Store materials protected from harmful weather, damage, or abuse.  Verify that site conditions are acceptable before proceeding.  Deliver materials in manufacturer’s original, unopened, undamaged containers with identification labels intact.
We provide optional powder coating to closely match your color theme.

LimitationsATB RAL Color Chart

Any loads imposed upon the S-5! clamps will be transferred to the roof panels to which they are attached. Roof panels must be adequately fastened to building structure to resist these loads.  For critical installations, contact the roof panel manufacturer for specific test data of ultimate tensile load on specific panel materials and seam types.  When relying upon testing load values, setscrew tensions should be verified and factors of safety should be used as appropriate. Always install ATB | S-5! systems in strict accordance with manufacturer’s published installation instructions.

Free 25-Year Limited Warranty:
All S-5! products and components are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship.
Maintenance is not normally required for ATB | S-5! Products.
Under extreme conditions, periodic inspection is advised and minor adjustments may be necessary. If cleaning is desired, systems can be washed with mild soap and water with a clean potable water rinse. 

Any clarifications?... don't hesitate to contact your ATB | S-5! Representative at: |