S-5! Metal Roof Accessories Solution

Metal Roof Accessories can be easily attached to standing seam metal roofs using S-5! clamps and brackets and provide immediate and significant 
OSHA Principled Site Safety Improvements.
Applications include: Stack / Flue Protection and Bracing, Electrical Conduit & Gas Pipe Support, Signs, Banners, Light Fixtures, Antennas, HVAC Equipment,
Lightning Protection, Condensate Lines, Fascia, Equipment Screens, Roof Screens, Cabling... and more, without compromising the roof manufacturer's warranty!

Metal Roof Fan SupportStanding Seam Metal Roof Panel S-5! Non-Penetrating Clamp for Fan Unit Support

The clamps utilize round-point setscrews to securely grip the metal roof panel seam without penetrating the weathering membranes. The round-point setscrews mechanically
attach to the roof by tightening the setscrews with an industrial-grade screw gun to “dimple” the seam material into a mechanical interlock with the clamp. 
Hundreds of independent laboratory tests have been performed on S-5! attachment clamps across all major roof profiles and manufacturers.
No other attachment solution is as lab tested, time tested or durable, with documented strength measured in tons. 

S-5! Metal Roof Accessories | HVAC | Line Support | Stack Protection | Life Line Anchor Mounting

The patented S-5! clamps are very versatile and able to attach to virtually all sloped metal roofs. S-5! Clamps are engineered and tested to match the roof
manufacturer’s profile without compromising the roof manufacturer's warranty!
Gas Line and Electrical Conduits can be supported by mounting S-5! clamps directly to the standing seam without penetrating the roof panels.
 Gas Line Support
The Plastic Supports were replaced using S-5! non-penetrating seam supported utility struts. The Plastic Pads of the old support system left
the roof corroded where they were previously installed.
Gas Line with S-5! Clamp Support 

Stack protection sytems can be mounted to protect from damage caused by snow build up, without penetrating the roof.
S-5! Stack Protection using X-Gard 1.0
Life Line Temporary Anchors can be mounted to any metal roof with S-5! clamps without penetrating the roof.
Collapsable Life Line SupportLife Line Support Non-Penetrating
Satellite Dishes are mounted on any metal roof with the S-5! Clamps without penetrating the roof.
Satallite Dish Non-Penetrating Clamp AttachmentS-5! Metal Roof Accessory Solution 
Roof Screens can be mounted with S-5! Clamps without penetrating the roof.
Non_Penetrating Metal Roof mounted Roof Screen