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  ATB | S-5! Mounted Roof Walk with 360 Hatch Protection and Engineered,   Seam Supported Ladder

   ATB Roof Walk | Fall Protection:
  Engineered Roof Walk Design

  ATB Roof Walk | Fall Protection:
  Engineered Roof Walk Design mounted using S-5! non-penetrating clamps

  Engineered S-5! Snow Retention System to avoid roof and ground damage from snow/ice avalanches

  Solar Attachment Solution:
  S-5! Non-penetrating clamps used to attach Solar Panels and other roof accessories onto any metal roof

  2014 OHS Roof Walk:
  Proactive Strategic Program Project

  ATB SnowFence:
  Our solid Stainless Steel and Aluminum Rods are an ideal Engineered S-5! Solution for Curved Roof Systems

  ATB Roof Walk System with S-5! X-Gard Snow Retention System:
  Engineered for Fall Protection and Damage Prevention from possible snow/ice avalanche

  S-5! X-Gard 2.0:
  Engineered S-5! Snow Retention System        

  S5! Rigorous Testing... Watch This Video

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ALL...THE BEST Inc. Engineered Roof Attachment Solutions mount to virtually all Metal Roof Systems.  Since 2004 our Portfolio now consists of over one thousand Heavy Industrial, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Projects. 

We are the only Full Service S-5! Master Distributor in North America... Engineering, Design, Supply, Processing, Consulting & Installation of the complete line of S-5! and ATB Roof Mounted Products.


ATB Roof Walk | Fall Protection Systems

Engineered Fall Protection Roof Walks | Collaspible Anchors | Life Lines & Hybrid Systems

ricklan roofwalk hatch


S-5! Snow Retention Systems

Engineered S-5! Snow Retention Systems... X-Gard, DualGard, ATB SnowFence &
ColorGard to manage snow and eliminate potentially dangerous avalanches.
YYC Airport S-5! ColorGard Snow Retention System


S-5! Roof Mounted Accessories

S-5! Patented, Non-Penetrating Clamps and Brackets for attaching Solar Energy
Systems and much more to any metal roof.

Solar Water Heater Attachment Solution



S-5! Has The Solution!

S5 Panasonic Impact Guns Torque Controlled Assaembly Tools

S-5! Clamps BracketsS-5!® Non-Penetrating clamps attach ancillary items to standing seam metal roofs without violating the integrity of the roof nor the manufacturer weather tightness warranty.
Our patented clamps mount roof walks, snow-retention, wind performance systems, solar arrays, signs / banners, light fixtures, gas piping, stack / flue protection, HVAC, lightning protection, equipment screens, conduit, condensate lines and more.
S-5!® clamps attach to the panel seam by the tightening of two "bullet-nosed" stainless steel setscrews against the seam material. (This is usually done with an industrial grade screwgun.) The setscrews compress the seam material against the opposite wall of the clamp. They will "dimple" the seam material, but will not penetrate it. Threaded holes in the clamp (and stainless hardware provided) enable the easy attachment of various ancillary items to the clamps.